Club One Terms & Conditions

 Club One membership is the way AS Tallink Grupp and its subsidiaries ("Tallink”) reward their loyal customers. The Club One loyal customer program (Program) is not applicable to companies, associations or organizations.
1.2 In charge of the Club One program: AS Tallink Grupp, Sadama 5/7, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia, Business ID: 10238429
1.3 Contact your Club One Customer service office in your area:

In Finland:
Tallink Silja Oy, Club One, P.O. Box 100, 00181 Helsinki, Finland,

In Sweden, Denmark and Norway:
Tallink Silja AB, Box 27295, 102 53 Stockholm, Sweden,

In Germany:
Tallink Silja GmbH, Böckmannstrasse 56, D-20099 Hamburg, Germany,

In Estonia and Russia:
AS Tallink Grupp, Sadama 5/7, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia,

In Latvia and Lithuania:
AS Tallink Latvija, Eksporta iela 3A, Riga LV-1010, Latvia,

Any other countries:
Tallink Silja Oy, Club One, P.O.Box 100, 00181 Helsinki, Finland,

To be a member of the program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a permanent address.
2.2 Club One membership and Club One benefits are family-based. A family means the main card holder and his/her spouse or co-habitee and their children living in the same address/house. Members of the family aged 18 and above and living in the same address are entitled to have personal affiliate cards. All children under the age of 18 can be registered to the family’s Club One account. All members of the family registered to the same Club One account receive the same account number. In order to earn bonus points to the common account and enjoy frequent traveller benefits, all family members need to be registered in the same account.
2.3 The consent of the main card holder is always required when applying for the affiliate card. The membership form should be signed by the main card as well as affiliate card holder when applying for the affiliate card.
2.4 Tallink reserves the right to refuse to register persons to a Club One account and to remove any registered affiliate member if there is reasonable doubt, that the person is not part of the same family as defined above in clause 2.2.
2.5 The loyal customer card holder is obliged to notify the affiliate members of the notices that have been sent to the loyal customer card holder related to Club One membership. All notices sent to the loyal customer card holder are considered also automatically delivered to its affiliate members.
2.6 A customer can have only one Club One account number.
2.7 The Club One membership is free of charge.
2.8 By applying for Club One membership a customer (a main or affiliate card holder) accepts the terms and conditions of the Club One program.
2.9 The Club One membership and family-based tracking period begins when the customer's information has been registered in the Club One database and a frequent traveller account has been opened.
2.10 As confirmation of registration, Tallink will send the customer an e-mail with the details of the account that can be used to download the digital Club One card in the Tallink & Silja Line App. Upon further request, a plastic Club One card can be sent to customers who are 65 years of age within four weeks from registration. The Club One program requires the customer to sign the plastic Club One membership card; the Club One card is invalid until signed by the cardholder. If required, the customer must be able to identify himself/herself.
2.11 Level-based benefits will come into effect immediately after the change of level and can be used upon the presentation of a card with corresponding and updated level.
2.12 A lost Club One card must be reported to Club One Customer Service immediately. Tallink is not obliged to compensate any damage caused by the loss of a Club One card. Upon reporting the lost card, a replacement card will be sent to the member within approximately four weeks.
2.13 Forwarding the Club One membership card or membership number to persons other than registered family members is forbidden. Club One has the right to remove any bonus points earned erroneously or dishonestly.
2.14 In the event of intentional misuse of the program or any of Tallink’s rules and/or other improper behaviour by the main or any of the affiliate card holders, Club One has the right to cancel the membership and nullify any bonus points earned without any liability whatsoever imposed on Club One. Misuse comprises the violation of any of the rules found in these terms and conditions, failure in payments or reimbursement of damages, falsification, amendment, selling, or illicit delivery of documents such as tickets or value coupons to another person, surrender of the Club One card for use by a person not a member of the cardholder’s family and general impropriety. In such cases Club One has the right to nullify the customer's bonus points without prior notice and cancel Club One membership. Club One will inform the member of membership cancellation and the grounds for cancellation and nullification of bonus points in writing.
2.15 Membership can be terminated at any time by writing to local Club One Customer Service at the address above. After having received the notification, Club One will nullify the frequent Traveller’s account and delete the membership data from the register. The main card holders’ notification automatically applies to the affiliate card holders.
2.16 The Club One card can´t be used as payment (debit or credit) card.
2.17 The main card holder is obligated to notify Club One Customer Service of any change of name, address or household relations. Furthermore, the member must be aware of any changes in the rules and benefits of the program. Members will be informed of changes on the local Club One web pages, in the local Club One customer magazine (if such exists) and other materials connected to the Club One program.
2.18 Club One reserves the right to cancel a membership number with incorrect contact information in the event of the customer neglecting to give notice of its new contact information within 12 months.

The member of the program can get benefits meant for the loyal customer, such as discounts and special offers from the companies within Tallink as well as from the third partners offering special benefits to the Club One membership card holder.
3.2 The special prices meant for the loyal customer are established separately for the geographical districts listed in clause 1.3. The bookings are registered according to the valid card level of the customer. The permanent address of the customer in the Club One loyal customer register defines the country of the service district of the loyal customer. However, the prices of the specific geographical district are applied to the trips purchased or started in the geographical district of non-residence.

4.1 Club One has three card levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold). The membership cards of different levels give the right to different benefits. The level of the loyal customer is set according to the amount of bonus points earned within 12 consecutive months. The more detailed information on the card levels, their corresponding loyal customer benefits and calculation principles of bonus points can be found on the Club One websites or in the Customer Service of the relevant district.

All bonus points affecting a level must be registered onto the Club One account within the exact tracking period.
5.2 Club One Gold level requirement is 60 000 bonus points during a tracking period. Gold level can be achieved after customer has achieved Silver level. Silver level requirement is 15 000 bonus points during tracking period. Bronze is the entry level.
5.3 The level criteria will be checked on a daily basis. Reaching the level requirement provided in 5.2 entitles a member to an instant upgrade of the level. When the level changes, a card entitling a new level will be sent to the customer by post, unless the customer has requested to give up the plastic card and applied only for the digital membership card. The delivery time of the card is approximately four weeks.
5.4 Moving from one level to another, and a level's renewal mark the beginning of a new tracking period, and tracking of bonus points for the next level requirements begins from zero again but the amount of bonus points on the customer’s account she/he can use for purchases is not affected by the change of the level.
5.5 Club One customer earns bonus points according to his/her level. The granting of bonus points is based on purchases of tickets and other services and Pre-Order goods before the departure and purchases of goods and services on board of Tallink vessels, in Tallink Hotels and on purchases of goods and services made in Tallink e-shop. Tallink reserves the right to award different amount of bonus points for different Tallink services for different sales points.
5.6 Bonus points from ticket services (tickets and car) are earned as follows: Bronze customer 1€ = 30 bonus points, Silver customer 1€ = 35 bonus points, Gold customer 1€ = 40 bonus points.
5.7 Bonus points from other services, such as pre-orderd Buffet, Ship Money, Sauna, Pre-Order; services purchased onboard Tallink’s vessels, in Tallink Hotels, in Tallink E-shop or in Travel Retail Shops are earned as follows: Bronze customer 1€ = 21 bonus points, Silver customer 1€ = 25 bonus points and Gold customer 1€ = 29 bonus points.
5.8 Bonus points from travel bookings, Pre-Order, e-shop and onboard purchases as well as purchases made in Tallink hotels are registered in the account within a week of the trip's last check-in procedure. Booking or redeeming a ticket does not entitle to bonus points in itself.
5.9 The use of bonus points does not affect the Club One level.
5.10 Bonus points are valid for use for 24 months from their month of registration. Expired and unused bonus points will be automatically deleted from the account and they cannot be restored.
5.11 Customer will only be able to earn Club One points after having activated the membership and received the Club One membership card or activated digital Club One card. Earned points are family-based and have no redemption value.
5.12 Earned bonus points can be used by the customer to purchase the services of Tallink and Silja Line, upgrade the room as available in Tallink Hotels and purchase goods from Tallink e-shop
5.13 The termination of Club One membership also nullifies any Club One bonus points without any right to claim compensation by the Customer.
5.14 Tallink services sold through a retail agent will accrue bonus points unless otherwise stated.
5.15 A Club One member paying for the trip or service is not entitled to bonus points or Club One member prices unless he or she is the person receiving the service. Club One member priced services apply to maximum 1 cabin per member or maximum 2 deck places per member in one single booking. Bonus points are collected only for the Club One member price share.
5.16 Purchasing of Tallink’s gift vouchers and comparable products entitles Club One members to earn bonus points. When buying a product called “ship money”, bonus points are accrued when the “ship money” is added to the reservation and that particular reservation has been checked in and travelled.
5.17 Club One reserves the right to refuse to grant bonus points for certain services or services offered by Tallink partners, or grant only a part of the normal accrual.
5.18 For registering the bonus points, the customer must give the account number at the time of travel booking and present their Club One card when making purchases onboard Tallink’s vessels. The Club One card is to be presented in shops and in Tallink Hotels before the cashier charges the products, and in restaurants upon ordering. Trips or purchases cannot be registered to the Club One account retrospectively.
5.19 A CA card (Cruise Account) and Tallink Credit Card cannot be used together with a Club One card.
5.20 Only purchases by those family members who are registered Club One members will accrue bonus points to the account.
5.21 All registered Club One family members living in the same household and registered as such, earn bonus points to the same household-based account.
5.22 The main card holder is the owner of all bonus points and as the administrator of the account is responsible for any actions concerning the account.
5.23 The main card holder and all affiliate card holders are equally entitled to use any bonus points on the account. Bonus points can be used only in the chronological order of the bookings.
5.24 Club One is not obligated to contact the main card holder for his/her prior approval of the points usage or correct any usage of points by the claim of any of the affiliate members. Any disagreements concerning the usage of points shall be settled between the main card holder and the affiliate card holders only.
5.25 Bonus points can be transferred from one frequent traveller account to another by the main or by the affiliate Club One member. Bonus points can also be transferred to another frequent traveller account when two or more accounts are combined into one family-based Club One account.
5.26 Trips produced by tour operators will accrue bonus points according to a separate route-based table. Trips produced by tour operators refer to trips produced by partners, e.g. cruise packages containing return coach transportation from the place of residence to the harbour. In Finland, this also applies to trips for which the Tallink Silja Organizational Customer Card has been used.
5.27 Group trips eligible for a group discount will accrue points according to a separate route-based table.
5.28 Tallink has the right to change the level system of Club One program and the benefits set for different levels.

The bonus trip must be booked within the validity period of the bonus points.
6.2 Bronze level customer can book trip for bonus points 4 months, Silver level customer 6 months and Gold level customer 8 months before the departure.
6.3 Bonus trips are booked at Club One Customer Service or through channels provided by the Customer Service. A bonus trip can only be booked after the necessary number of bonus points has been registered to the account.
6.4 A bonus trip can only be booked by a main or an affiliate card holder entered to the Club One register.
6.5 Tallink reserves the right to determine the amount of bonus points needed for bonus trips. Tallink reserves the right to limit the number of bonus trips or refrain from offering bonus trips at certain times. The resale of a bonus trip is prohibited. Bonus trip products and the points needed for bonus trips can be found on the local Club One websites.
6.6 There are a limited number of bonus trips per departure. Bonus points required for a reservation will always be debited from one single account.
6.7 A bonus trip with deck place includes 1 person. Number of cabins or deck places is not limited, if not stated otherwise. At least one person from the Club One family account has to be included in the bonus trip booking.
6.8 In the event of cancellation of a bonus trip no later than 14 days before the departure, the valid bonus points will be returned to the account. Bonus trips cancelled later than that or left un-cancelled will be debited from the bonus points account in their entirety. Expired bonus points will not be returned to the account.
6.9 A route-based cabin/passenger fee is always added to a bonus trip (applies to persons of 6 years or older). In addition, payments required by authorities or relevant Tallink partners (e.g. airport taxes, service charges, etc.) may apply to bonus trips and shall be charged by Tallink.
6.10 In the case of bonuses (or other offers) offered by our partners, the terms of cancellation and reservation of the partner will apply.

Travel reservations with Tallink's Corporate Customer number will not accrue points to the Club One account. Travel reservations made according to the Organizational Customer Agreement will accrue points to the Club One account according to a separate tour operator table. The Corporate Customer and Organizational Customer card cannot be utilized simultaneously with a Club One membership card.

The personal data of the member of Club One program are processed according to the privacy policy of Tallink Group at including the information on your rights in more detail.
8.2 When joining the program, the customer submits the following data:
- First name;
- Surname;
- Date of birth;
- Sex;
- Citizenship;
- Address;
- Postcode;
- City/county;
- Country;
- Mobile phone;
- Phone at home;
- Phone at work;
- E-mail address;
- Preferred language of communication;
- Hobbies;
- Family members (if applied for affiliate card);
- Priorities for data processing for marketing purposes.
8.3 Tallink collects data on the services used and products purchased by the customer when the Club One card is used.
8.4 By joining the Club One program, the customer is deemed to grant Tallink the right to send him/her information about the Club One Program by e-mail, to home address and/or a mobile phone to enable the customer to use the respective service and Tallink to fulfil its obligations towards the customer. A customer can manage his/her personal marketing permissions via his/her personal Club One account online or by contacting local Club One customer service.
8.5 In submitting the personal data the customer grants a permission to Tallink for the processing of its personal data on the membership form of Club One program.
8.6 Tallink preserves the personal data of the customer having joined the program up to the termination of its membership of the program. After leaving the program, the data related to the customer program are deleted or made anonymous, so that the customer cannot be identified any more.

Club One benefits and other advantages may vary based on Club One member level and different market areas.
9.2 Club One benefit products can vary depending on the route/vessel. Specially priced Club One trips or other benefits cannot be booked/donated to persons outside the family unless one of the travelers is a member of the respective Club One account.
9.3 Club One terms and conditions are valid as published on the Club One web page. Tallink has the right to use its discretion in making changes to the Club One frequent traveller program, its rules, the basis of accruing bonus points and the pricing of bonus products. Any changes will be effective immediately without prior notice unless otherwise stated by Tallink. Club One members will be informed of changes via the Club One web pages Tallink will use reasonable efforts to notify changes in the customer magazine, provided the announcement is still current at the time of publication.
9.4 Tallink is not responsible for any loss caused by changes it has made (including the loss of bonus points, loss of benefits, or the lessening of benefits) nor is Club One liable to compensate losses in any way to Club One members or any third party.
9.5 Tallink is not responsible for its partners' services and products, or complaints caused by them – unless Tallink operates under the statutes governing package tours – but each partner is responsible for its own products and services.
9.6 If not specifically otherwise provided in these terms and conditions, the customer shall be responsible for complying with the terms for carriage of passengers and review these as available in the Internet at the website
9.7 Disputes arising from the frequent traveller program that cannot be settled by negotiations are to be resolved in any of the local courts of the Club One Customer service offices. The customer can also have a dispute dealt with by the local consumer complaint board, if any.